Jan 13, 2021

The popular GIS GP hoist series has expanded with the release of two new, next-generation models to offer customers greater choice in powerful lifting capacity and true, workhorse capability, the GP1600 and the GP2500.

Example GP Hoist

The new GP2500 delivers a mighty, maximum lift capacity of 6.3T in a 2-fall operation, and 3.2T in 1-fall.

The new GP1600 provides a lifting capacity of 2.5T in 1-fall, and a huge, maximum lifting capacity of 4.0T in a 2-fall operation.

Built to perform, the GP1600 and GP2500 electric chain hoists are extremely reliable. Their simple structure does not contain any sensitive electronics, which minimises the risk of production idleness and any potential downtime costs.

Robust and tough, both hoists are quality-made from aluminium rather than plastic parts to help ensure a long life. Plus, the GP2500 and GP1600 feature steel chains made from manganese phosphate which is corrosion resistant and works to increase the lifetime of the chain.

The GP2500 and GP1600  feature real innovation in inner part of modularly designed chain hoist. All shaft-hub connections are built to a polygonal design which allows faster disassembly and assembly during maintenance, to ensure low service costs.

GP2500 – Lifting 6.3T

The two new models are suitable for harsh environments and operate reliably in hot temperatures up to 50ºC, including roof areas and outdoor sites. The chain hoists and their control switches also comply with protection class IP65 to guarantee that they are dustproof, as well as protected against water jets.

Quiet and very easy to operate, the control switch of both models fits comfortably in the user’s palm and are ergonomically designed. Push buttons placed in parallel increase the ease of operation.

With an option for variable speed, both electric chain hoists provide greater control over lifting speeds. A slower speed can be used to gently raise and lower delicate loads into position, reducing the risk of error and damage. A faster speed can be used to move loads quickly, to help achieve operational efficiency.

The GP2500 and GP1600 electric chain hoists are very safe to use. The safety factor of the load chain is at least 8 at an M5 classification, which helps reduce wear and tear, and increases the life of the chain. And the proven, low-wear DC spring-loaded brake helps ensure optimum operational safety.

Both models come with a range of accessories and options including a second brake, and radio remote control, to help tailor the hoists to your specific requirements.

Made in Switzerland and offering a 3-year warranty as standard, both hoists can be used in a range of industries including manufacturing plants, sewerage treatment plants, the construction industry, as well as food manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical, agriculture, packaging, transportation and storage, and shipyard and ship building industries.

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