Track-O 47: Utility Company Application

Mar 23, 2017

In the last newsletter we showcasedthe Track-O Mini Dozer and explainedits application of cleaning underconveyor lines.

In this edition, we take a look at the Track-O 47.The Track-O 47 is a unique product that is constructedout of a steel frame and has an aluminium cabinet whilstbeing DC operated. With the ability to carry loads of up to1000 kg on flat surfaces and 272 kg on a maximum inclinationof 40°, the Track-O 47 is perfect for carrying loads up and down stairs,as well as difficult terrain environments.

This is exactly what one of our utility customers were faced with. They neededto move large and heavy transformers up and down stairs. These transformersfrom companies like ABB and Siemens can weigh in excess of 250kg. In thiscase the solution we presented to our customer was the Track-O 47. It hasturned out to be an excellent, safe and efficient solution.

For more information or case studies on the Track-O range of products, pleasecontact the Hasemer team or visit our office for a live demonstration.