Hasemer Materials Handling is proud to sell a range of quality designed and manufactured vacuum lifting solutions from GIS, Palamatic and Fezer. Our vacuum lifters are designed to safely increase your production levels and the choice of vacuum lifter depends upon your customer’s specific lifting application.

Fezer have been manufacturing vacuum solutions since 1928 and Hasemer is a proud partner in Australia, providing the full range of Fezer vacuum lifters, as well as OEM spare parts.

Fezer VacuBoy and VacuPoro are quality German designed and manufactured vacuum lifters which are suitable for lifting horizontally, as well as swivelling and turning over all kinds of materials, up to 2000kg with the VacuBoy range. Smaller and larger capacities are available with the other Fezer models.

Fezer vacuum lifters are used across a wide range of industries and for a variety of lifting applications:

  • Handling of aluminium, steel, glass, chipboard and plastic plates.
  • Handling of coils and split strips.
  • Transport of wood, glue laminated beams, chipboards, MDF and OSB boards
  • Feeding of CNC, punching and routing machines

For handling porous materials, Fezer has introduced the VacuPoro lifter. These special lifters are designed for handling porous materials, specifically:

  • handling of raw chipboards, MDF or OSB boards.
  • feeding of horizontal and vertical wood handling machines.

Fezer vacuum lifters can be adjusted to each individual customer’s requirements. A number of safety and comfort features come standard with Fezer vacuum lifters. These standard features include:

  • Main safety switch supervision on lifters with handslide valves.
  • Large dimension safety tank integrated into the lifter’s main beam.
  • Non-return valve located between vacuum generator and safety tank, for ease of access.
  • Manual vacuum control via lockable handslide valve.
  • Vacuum gauge with “red-green” area for visual inspection.
  • Large dimension vacuum filter to protect the valves and pumps.
  • Various suction pads for smooth, rough or grooved surfaces.
  • Moveable suction pads to adjust to varying workplace dimensions.

Additionally there are a range of optional features to further enhance the usage of your Fezer lifer, including:

  • optical warning unit with large red/green lamp for “ready for operation” and “malfunction”, as well as acoustic siren for power failures.
  • battery pack for operating independent of power.
  • swivel feature with angle adjustment of the manipulating handle.
  • vacuum controlled motor switch to save energy and reduce the noise level; and
  • Disposal stand to protect the suction pads when the lifter is set down.

For more technical information and to see the units in operation, please refer to the attached brochures or call the team at Hasemer Materials Handling to discuss your or your customer’s specific lifting requirements.

Hasemer Materials Handling is delighted to help you choose the right vacuum solution for your operations, as well as providing information regarding spare parts or to arrange regular servicing. So call the Hasemer team on (02) 9771 9848 or use the contact form below.

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