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Vacuum Lifting

Making Lifting Hard to Grip Items Easier & Reducing Manual Handling with a Vacuum Lifter

Hasemer Materials Handling is able to provide customers with vacuum lifting solutions to cater for a wide array of applications. Vacuum lifters are perfect for safely lifting hard to grip items.

Repetitive manual handling is a major cause of work related injuries, and these can be reduced through vacuum handling solutions.

Our Vacuum Lifter Range

At Hasemer Materials Handling, we believe in providing high-quality vacuum lifting equipment that is designed to suit a range of lifting applications in a wide array of industries. Our range includes:

GIS Vacuum Lifters

Designed to gently handle all types of materials such as wood, glass, stone, metal or plastic. Every GIS vacuum lifting solution is custom made to our customer specifications and capable of handling heavy, unwieldy or unusual handling requirements.

Palamatic Vacuum Lifters

Our UK manufactured Palamatic vacuum lifters are suitable for safely and efficiently moving around materials such as heavy sacks, bags, boxes, cartons and more without damaging the goods. Its distinct categories make it capable of lifting loads ranging from 10kg to 400kg

Features and Advantages

  • Our vacuum lifting equipment provides solutions with the following features and advantages:
  • Solve lifting and manual handling problems across a range of industries
  • Reduce damage to your products
  • Help minimise workplace injuries


Hasemer Materials Handling can provide vacuum lifting equipment for the following lifting applications:

  • Sacks and bags
  • Boxes and cartons
  • Drums, barrels and kegs
  • Rubber bales and block lifting
  • Glass, sheet, board, slab, panel and door lifting

Why Choose Us?

You can trust Hasemer Materials Handling to assist you with selecting the right vacuum lifting equipment for your requirements. Here’s why:

  • We have more than 50 years of experience in safe materials handling
  • We understand the specific challenges many industries in Australia face, and therefore can help you find the right cost-effective solution for your material lifting and handling requirements
  • Our experts can give advice on different products and assist you with ordering spare partsif needed

Enquire About a Vacuum Lifter Today

Get in touch with Hasemer Materials Handling if you’re looking for a vacuum lifter that will meet your material handling requirements. Contact us today by giving our team a call on (02) 9771 9848 or submitting our contact form. Our team is happy to provide advice on safe manual handing options using vacuum lifting equipment, along with designing and manufacturing jib and overhead cranes.


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