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Track-O Minidozer M 48

The Track-O MINIDOZER M-48 is Durable, Mobile and Compact

This Track-O MINIDOZER was developed for confined spaces. The M-48 has an external charger and a runtime of nearly 10 hours that enables it to work for more than one work shift. The M-48 is equipped with an interchangeable battery that enables it to work continuously. With a low profile, this model offers a very good power/runtime ratio.

The MINIDOZER is used to clean irrigation pipes; dig tunnels; clean under conveyors; clean silos, bins, vats, and ovens; move bulk material; etc. A variety of accessories can be installed on the MINIDOZER, such as a handling fork, jack hammer, camera for remote monitoring with a range of nearly 900 feet, or any other accessory your operation requires.


  • Small profile makes it possible to work in very small, confined spaces
  • Very long runtime
  • Rugged
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • No noise
  • Does not create dust
  • Does not emit fumes


  • Suction Hose Attachment
  • Handling forks


  • Cleaning under conveyors and hard to access places
  • Cleaning in tunnels, cavities, combustion ovens, etc.


Frame Steel
Cabinet Aluminum
Length 110 in 2794 mm
Width 48 in 1219 mm
Height (frame) 22 in 559 mm
Height (bucket to maximum) 62 1/2 in 1590 mm
Clearance Under Bucket (to maximum height) 37 1/2 in 950 mm
Turning Diameter 163 in 4140 mm
Lifting Capacity 1170 lbs 531 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.175 yd3 0.133 m3
Maximum Speed (flat) 66 ft/min 20.1 m/min
Weight 3340 lbs 1560 kg


Motor Power 2 hp (x2)
Hydraulic Motor (bucket) 2 hp (x1)
Gearbox Ratio 75:1 (x2)


Battery Amperage/Voltage 435 Amps at 6 volts (x8)
Charger AC-DC external (x1)
Battery Pack Amperage 870 Amps
Operating Voltage 24 VDC
Continous Run-Time 10 hours (approx.)
Battery Recharge Time 14 hours (approx.)

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