Track-O Minidozer M 27

The Track-O M-27 – For Materials Handling in Confined Spaces

The Track-O mini dozer M-27 remote-controlled electric vehicle was specially developed for very confined spaces. The M-27 is one of the smallest dozers in its category. Its narrow, low profile lets it get into hard to reach areas both indoors and outdoors. It has an external charger and a runtime of nearly 8 hours. The mini dozer M-27 is also equipped with interchangeable batteries that enable it to work continuously over several work shifts. This remote control dozer model therefore offers a very good power/runtime ratio.

The mini dozer is used to:

  • Clean irrigation pipes
  • Dig tunnels
  • Clean under conveyors
  • Clean silos, bins, vats and ovens
  • Move bulk material
  • And more

A variety of accessories can be installed on the mini dozer, such as a handling fork, jack hammer, camera for remote monitoring with a range of nearly 900 feet, or any other accessory your operation requires.


Advantages include:

  • Low profile makes it possible to work in very small, confined spaces
  • Very long runtime
  • Rugged
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • No noise
  • Does not create dust
  • Does not emit fumes


The following accessories are available for the M-27 mini dozer in Australia:

  • Suction Hose Attachment
  • Handling forks


The M-27 remote control dozer can be safely used to:

  • Clean under conveyors and hard to access places
  • Clean in tunnels, cavities, combustion ovens, etc.


Frame Steel
Cabinet Aluminum
Length 112 3/4 in 2863 mm
Width 27 3/4 in 705 mm
Height (frame) 22 5/16 in 567 mm
Height (bucket to maximum) 62 1/2 in 1590 mm
Clearance Under Bucket (to maximum height) 37 1/2 in 950 mm
Turning Diameter 163 in 4140 mm
Lifting Capacity 642 lbs 241 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.096 yd3 0.073 m3
Maximum Speed (flat) 66 ft/min 20.1 m/min
Weight 2200 lbs 998 kg


Motor Power 2 hp (x2)
Hydraulic Motor (bucket) 2 hp (x1)
Gearbox Ratio 75:1 (x2)


Battery Amperage/Voltage 435 Amps at 6 volts (x4)
Charger AC-DC external (x1)
Battery Pack Amperage 435 Amps
Operating Voltage 24 VDC
Continous Run-Time 8 hours (approx.)
Battery Recharge Time 12 hours (approx.)

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