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Jib Cranes: Versatile and Portable Lifting Solution

The Track-O Jib Crane is an excellent portable lifting solution that can be used as an alternative to an overhead crane or other cumbersome, expensive equipment.

This movable accessory makes it possible to lift loads of up to 450kg and to move the loads over flat or inclined surfaces. The crane attachment fits on the Track-O Twin-Track 66 or the Track-O Heavy Duty. It has an electric and hydraulic chain hoist and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Makes it possible to lift heavy equipment in a confined space
  • Can be installed and removed quickly and easily


  • According to your specifications


  • Lifting and moving any type of equipment or material on the flat or on stairs and in confined spaces


Jib Crane Steel
Length 105 in 266.70 cm
Width 31.5 in 80.01 cm
Overall Height to Lowest Position 66.25 in 168.3 cm
Longitudinal Displacement 93 in 236.22 cm
Vertical Movement 109.5 in 278.13 cm
Lifting Capacity 1000 lbs 454 kg
Wired Remote Control For Hydraulic System Included
Load Bearing Capacity (inclined) 400 lbs at 30° 182 kg at 30°
Load Bearing Capacity (on stair) 400 lbs at 30° 182 kg at 30°
Load Bearing Capacity (flat) 1000 lbs 454 kg
Jib Crane Weight 1442 lbs 655.5 kg

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