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Stair Climber / Mini Dozer

Robotic Track-O Mini Dozers – Ideal for Difficult Material Handling

Hasemer Materials Handling is a leading provider of quality Track-O mini dozer lifters for materials handling applications. Whether you need a compact mini dozer for accessing hard-to-reach areas or you require twin tracks for safely moving loads on stairs, our specialists can provide mini construction equipment and solutions that meet your needs.

The Benefits of a Track-O Mini Dozer

Our mini dozer for sale in Australia offers a range of benefits for handling materials. In addition to being an affordable choice, they’re also more compact than other dozers, making them much more versatile and manoeuvrable. If you need a solution that performs well in smaller spaces and is suitable for tasks such as grading and clearing lots, mini construction equipment such as the mini crawler dozer can get the job done.

Available Track-O Models

At Hasemer Materials Handling, we have various types of Track-O mini dozer lifters for you to choose from. These include:


Track-O Minidozer M 27

Designed for very confined spaces, the M 27 mini dozer track can access hard-to-reach areas both indoors and outdoors. The M 27 is useful for cleaning irrigation pipes, digging tunnels, cleaning under conveyors, moving bulk materials, and more. In addition, the M 27 creates no noise or dust and requires minimal maintenance. Learn More


Track-O Minidozer M 48

The M 48 is a durable and compact mini crawler dozer that’s suitable for cleaning silos and combustion ovens as well as moving materials from one location to another. The M 48 features an external charger, interchangeable batteries, and a runtime of nearly 10 hours. Learn More


Track-O Twin Track 47

The TT 47 can navigate staircases and landings with ease, moving up to 272kg of weight. It’s suitable for handling generator sets, containers, mechanical parts, household appliances, refrigeration units and more. Learn More


Track-O Twin Track 66

The TT 66 mini dozer boasts excellent load capacity, endurance and versatility. It’s suitable for various handling and lifting applications, especially when you need to navigate narrow staircase landings and confined spaces. Learn More


Track-O Greengo

A hydraulic lifting system, the Greengo is designed for the construction and demolition industries. Known for its safety and stability, it’s capable of handling bulk products and heavy equipment while reducing operating costs, making it one of the most popular small bulldozers for sale in Australia. Learn More


Jib Crane

Jib cranes are excellent portable lifting solutions that can support loads up to 1,000 lbs and easily move loads over flat or inclined surfaces. Learn More


Track-O Cross-Country

The Track-O Cross-Country, this all-terrain truck is specially designed for outside work and makes it possible to reach hard to access places such as mountains and backyards even in conditions that include snow, water, mud, and sand. Learn More

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Make Hasemer Materials Handling your first port of call when you need quality Track-O mini dozer solutions for a range of lifting and materials handling applications. Contact us today to make an enquiry about our small bulldozers for sale in Australia.

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