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Light Lifting Solutions

Light Lifting Solutions Offered by Hasemer Materials Handling

Hasemer Materials Handling offers a range of lifting and moving solutions to increase the productivity of your operations as well as your clients, whilst improving employee safety.

These include:

Electric Chain Hoists : single, two or variable speed, lifts up to 120m, capacity up to 5,000 kg

KB Crane Systems : monorails or bridge cranes with bends, switches, turntables, with capacity up to 1,250kg and spans up to 8 metres

Overhead Travelling Cranes : which are custom designed for your operations

Jib Cranes : can be either pillar or wall mounted. Our jib cranes can support loads of up to 2 tonne and have jib arm lengths of up to 7 metres. They come standard with 270-degree slew, with additional options available including powered slew, 360-degree rotation or articulating arms.

Vacuum Lifting : up to 500kg load capacity, gentle yet safe and strong lifting, 180ยบ tilting available with attachments for bags, drums, chipboard, glass, and many other surfaces.

Feltes Portable Gantry Cranes : a range of models that enable your gantry crane to be easily moved, assembled, disassembled and stored wherever you want. Capacity up to 1,500kg

Spring Balancers : loads up to 180kg, strong design and reliable, our spring balancers reduce the risk of injury at work and increase productivity, with repetitive lifts.

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