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Rubbish Chutes

GEDA Rubbish Chutes

GEDA Comfort Rubbish Chutes are the perfect helpers on construction sites. These bin chutes are designed to discharge rubbish from big or small sites, new building or renovation sites, and are also suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Waste chutes transport all kinds of materials from the upper levels downwards to a container or truck – silently and without any dust formation. Whether you require a builder’s rubbish chute, a skip waste chute for renovations or a rubbish chute apartment system, all you need to do is stack together several pipes at the desired height and assemble them on scaffolds, inclined roofs or flat roofs, walls or window parapets. Get in touch with Hasemer Materials Handling today to enquire about our GEDA rubbish chutes for sale.

GEDA Comfort Rubbish Chutes – Features & Benefits

GEDA Comfort Rubbish Chutes are made from shock-resistant hard plastic and are ideal for universal purposes. Due to the high-quality hard plastic, GEDA Comfort Rubbish Chutes are quite silent, easy to transport and can be assembled quickly and effortlessly. Depending upon usage, you decide how many waste chutes you stack together to reach the optimal height at the site. GEDA Comfort Rubbish Chutes can be mounted onto walls, scaffolds and inclined or flat rooftops. Thanks to integrated double hooks, these builders rubbish chutes can quickly and easily be installed for maximum safety.

The GEDA Comfort Rubbish Chute is only 1.1 m long. This bin chute is equipped with 3mm wear ribbings which guarantee a high durability when used as a builder’s bin chute system. In combination with its material – impact-resistant plastic – these GEDA Rubbish Chutes are ideal when construction site rubbish chutes are required for all sites, including CBD locations. Enquire today for help finding the right GEDA plastic rubbish chute for sale within our range.

Dust-Free Working Conditions on All Levels

Thanks to helpful accessories, GEDA Rubbish Chutes guarantee a clean working environment, as well as the possibility of working on different levels. For CBD construction sites, it is necessary that residents are not disturbed by noise and dirt. To prevent neighbouring facades from becoming dusty, you can find appropriate dust collars, dust protection hoods and skip covers for construction site rubbish chutes to reduce dust formation and secure health protection – for both construction workers and residents.

These covers are also useful when working indoors. A dust bin chute cover ensures less dust and a faster clean-up after the renovation or interior construction.

Appropriate Accessories for GEDA Rubbish Chutes

Depending upon your garbage chute related circumstances and needs, GEDA offers a large variety of balcony clamps, galvanised chains, fixing frames and hand winches with 21m or 41m for an intelligent setup. With accessories like balcony clamps or fixing frames, it is possible to assemble the skip garbage chute at any height and at any spot of the scaffolding, wall or roof.

For easy disposal of chute rubbish and other construction waste, a dump hopper can be fitted at the top end of the builder’s trash chute. The hoppers vary in their opening widths from 60cm to 76cm, so even bulky materials, debris and rubble can be properly discharged.

Additionally, if the construction building has a flat roof, an appropriate support bin chute system can help you with a secure fixation of this DIY rubbish chute.

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When you want to buy a rubbish chute that’s reasonably priced, Hasemer Materials Handling can supply you with the right rubbish chute for you. Call us today on (02) 9771 9848 or contact us online to learn more or place your order.

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