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Hasemer Materials Handling offers the full range of GEDA building and construction hoists including the GEDA Mini/Maxi range. The GEDA Mini/Maxi range feature two lifting speeds, easy assembly and extensive safety features; and these hoists are the ideal lifting solutions for efficient and safe transporting of scaffolding elements and construction materials.

The manual drive of the rope drum is not transported upwards, but simply fastened to the scaffolding at the bottom, while the lightweight swivel arm is attached at the top of the scaffold at the desired height. This allows quick and easy relocation of the GEDA Mini/Maxi rope hoists during different construction phases.

A broad selection of GEDA accessories and load handling devices turns these compact rope hoists into true all-round solutions at building and construction sites. Whether bulky scaffolding elements, loaded wheelbarrows, buckets or other construction materials – the GEDA Mini/Maxi range of rope hoists have been known for many decades across the construction industry, ensuring easy and efficient material transport, simply at the press of a button.

  GEDA Mini 60 S GEDA Maxi 120 S GEDA Maxi 150 S
Cargo Materials Materials Materials
Load capacity (material) 60 kg 120 kg 150 kg
Lifting height 76 m 76 m 76 m
Rope length 81 m 81 m 81 m
Lifting speed 23 m/min / 69 m/min 20 m/min / 60 m/min 15 m/min / 45 m/min
Power supply 0.25 kW / 0.75 kW / 230 V/ 50 Hz / 16 A 0.45 kW / 1.35 kW / 230 V/ 50 Hz / 16 A 0.45 kW / 1.35 kW / 230 V/ 50 Hz / 16 A

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