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GEDA Beerlift

Many pub and restaurant owners and managers often experience a problem with transporting heavy barrels and cases of beer and wine to their basements to keep them correctly temperature controlled and safely stored.

Often access to their basements is via small and steep stairwells, so that’s where a GEDA Beerlift can be used to safely and easily transport heavy barrels and cases, without the need for manual handling.

Available from Hasemer Materials Handling, the German designed and manufactured GEDA Beerlift can safely transport full and empty beer barrels and boxes up and down to the basement, whenever required.

A key benefit of the GEDA Beerlift is that it can be mounted next to your stairwell, so your staff can still use the stairwell whilst the barrels or cases are being transported up or down.

The GEDA Beerlift can carry loads up to 200kg with a maximum lifting speed of 25 metres/minute.

Depending upon the ladder section lengths, the GEDA Beerlift can be extended to 0.5m, 0.75m, 1m or 2m.

If small or unstable stock needs to be lifted, a universal or vario platform option can be used. The vario platform (which has foldable sides), is particularly useful on steep stairwells.

For more information about the range of GEDA lifting solutions and the GEDA Beerlift in particular, speak with the team at Hasemer Materials Handling on (02) 9771 9848 or use the contact form attached.

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