Control Systems

A Selection of Hoist Control Systems for Entertainment Lifting Equipment

Hasemer Materials Handling can supply control systems, which work in conjunction with GIS entertainment electric chain hoists.

Our Entertainment Control Systems provide complete control over the operation of your lifting equipment. Used all over the world by some of the world’s biggest acts, our Entertainment Control Systems are the first choice of lighting designers and theatre consultants.

Our control systems have high Speed RS-485 Communications Bus with independent “GO” and “E-Stop” signals, ensuring safety and a highly responsive system.

Our motor controllers can be integrated with load cell monitoring and basic positioning. By integrating positioning and load cells into the system, managing multi motor systems becomes safe and easy.

We offer a range of hand-pieces, including the standard 8 way and 32 way hand-pieces. The 32-way hand-piece has 4 pages to control individual motors and can be programmed with groups of motors for grid setups.

To have one of our entertainment specialists speak with you about our entertainment control systems, as well as for technical advice, please use our enquiry form or call (02) 9771 9848.

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