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Monorails & Light Workstations

Monorail Cranes and Light Workstation Cranes for Your Materials Handling Requirements

GIS KB Crane System

This monorail crane from GIS is European designed and manufactured. It’s cost-effective, modular and flexible

Like all GIS products, the GIS KB crane system offers real user benefits:

  • Quality, reliability, ease of maintenance
  • Ability to tailor the overhead monorail to fit your requirements, including bends, switches and turntables
  • Flexible solutions that can grow, change and move as your business does
  • Conversion/extension of existing crane systems
  • Simple to install – all components can be fixed by fasteners and clamps
  • Excellent value, thanks to series-produced standard parts and rolled profiles
  • Lightweight modular construction supporting up to 1600 kg
  • Perfectly complements the GIS Electric Chain Hoist
  • Manual or electric monorail crane / trolley movement
  • Low noise level thanks to plastic guide rollers

Countless variants are possible, for example:

Single bridge suspended crane

  • All-round goods transportation coverage, up to 1600 kg
  • Suitable for normal headroom

Double bridge suspended crane

  • All-round goods transportation coverage, up to 1600 kg
  • For larger spans and transportation distances

Monorail hoist system with bends, switches and turntables

  • To link workstations (up to 1500 kg)
  • Flexible line routing, thanks to bends
  • Individual lines can be connected using slide switches and turntables

Alternate Lifting Solutions

Do you need lifting equipment systems that are capable of lifting heavier items than the capacity of a monorail hoist system or light workstation crane? Hasemer Materials Handling can design, manufacture, supply and install large overhead travelling cranes and bridge cranes up to 300 tonne.

Hasemer Materials Handling is a leading Australian materials handling company specialising in tailored lifting equipment and solutions. To have one of our crane and hoist specialists provide advice or to speak with you about your lifting requirements, or to become a reseller, please use our enquiry form or call us today on (02) 9771 9848.

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