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JIB Cranes

Hasemer Materials Handling offers a range of quality designed and manufactured Jib Cranes tailored to your needs, including portable jib crane and slewing jib crane options.

Hasemer slewing jib cranes are robustly constructed and simple to use. They can be used in all industrial applications and are tailored to meet your lifting and moving requirements. With a slewing range of up to 270º, each slewing jib crane can be designed to fit your factory’s layout with jib arm lengths up to 7 metres and load capacity of up to 2,000 kg.

The slewing pillar jib crane design comprises a column, the jib arm, trolley and electric supply, whilst the slewing wall mounted jib crane includes a wall console, jib arm, trolley and electric supply.

Our jib cranes offer a high degree of flexibility and can be used with a GIS electric chain hoist, an air hoist, a chain block, spring balancer or vacuum lifter.

If required, an articulated jib arm can be provided and modified to hold a GIS Telescopic Handy Chain Hoist.

Alternate Lifting Solutions

Do you need lifting equipment to lift and move heavier items than the capacity of a portable jib crane? Hasemer Materials Handling can design, manufacture, supply and install large overhead travelling cranes and bridge cranes up to 300 tonne.

Hasemer Materials Handling is a leading Australian materials handling company specialising in tailored lifting equipment and solutions such as jib crane design. To have one of our crane and hoist specialists provide advice or to speak with you about your lifting requirements, or to become a reseller, please use our enquiry form or call us today on (02) 9771 9848.

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