Mar 23, 2017

World Class Event Services Group Improves Efficiency And Safety Practices By Partnering With Hasemer
Through their 1,100 skilled event specialists, 23 bases and 70 plus venue partnerships, the Staging Connections Group has the infrastructure and scale to deliver events anywhere in the world.

The Group is fully committed to maintaining centres of events excellence that engage audiences and deliver exciting and dynamic event experiences. One such venue is Perth’s Burswood Entertainment Complex.

The complex houses a sophisticated grand ballroom that can be divided by an airwall into two separate rooms. To ensure that events can be more efficiently and safely staged in both rooms simultaneously as well as when combined into the one large ballroom, Staging Connections sought a turnkey solution.

‘Almost every venue requires the use of hoists to control lighting and props, and the Burswood Entertainment Complex is no exception. Until a month ago, we were required to manually rig and deploy the hoists in the ballroom. This increased our risk profile and it was a very laborious and time consuming task. What’s more, controlling the hoists required that they all be within eyesight of the operator which reduces both flexibility and efficiency.

‘To improve our own safety practices, efficiency and the flexible use of the grand ballroom, we decided to implement a computerised solution,’ said Andrew MacColl, Director of Event Technology, Staging Connections Group.

‘Specifically, we were after a solution that allowed us to set up motorised hoists which could be controlled via a laptop from anywhere in the ballroom. We were also after additional safety features so that we could better manage our exposure to risk,’ explained Andrew.

After extensively canvassing the market for a potential provider, Staging Connections chose to partner with Hasemer.

‘We were already using hoists supplied by Hasemer and their track record to date was excellent. Their products are very reliable and true performers. We also liked their attitude, they were very keen to meet our requirements even though the solution was not going to come straight out of a box,’ explained Andrew.

To meet their needs, Hasemer delivered 24 GIS Lift-Champ electric chain hoists. Each hoist has a lifting capacity of 500kg and is designed for both upright and inverted use.

Every hoist also features a string of safety components that make it one of the safest hoists on the market today. The hoist’s clutch is located outside the drive shaft so that if the hoist is overloaded, the load cannot slip through the clutch once the brake is engaged. For added safety, each hoist was also fitted with a second brake.

To ensure the 24 hoists could be controlled from a single laptop when the grand ballroom was used as one, or from two laptops when divided into two separate rooms, Hasemer organised for each hoist to carry an encoder. The encoders provide data feedback via motion control software (Kinesys’ Vector) to a central laptop. They detail the position of each hoist so that the operator can adjust them as required from anywhere in the ballroom.

‘Their products are very reliable and true performers. We also liked their attitude, they were very keen to meet our requirements even though the solution was not going to come straight out of a box,’ explained Andrew.

The software also allows the hoists to respond to programmed cues, and it provides instantaneous move times and speeds for greater handling control of the hoists by the operator.

‘This system now gives us unprecedented flexibility when it comes to deploying and running the hoists. The operator can conveniently adjust any of the 24 hoists from the convenience of a laptop, regardless of where he is located. It also lets us group hoists together to pickup a grid of lights or drapes. The system is failsafe, fast and easy,’ said Andrew.

‘It’s also remarkably quiet, always a plus when you are in the business of staging events,’ he added.

‘Choosing to partner with Hasemer was the right decision. Although the solution had to be tailored to our needs, they grasped what was required immediately and successfully implemented a turnkey solution ahead of schedule,’ said Andrew.

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