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Hasemer Materials Handling was established in Sydney in 1965. We have over 50 years experience in providing lifting and moving solutions – from simple and effective electric chain hoists, portable gantry cranes and vacuum lifting equipment, to an extensive range of manipulators, light crane systems, wire rope hoists and customised overhead cranes.

Hasemer Materials Handling provides an extensive range of quality materials handling and lifting equipment solutions that improve the efficiency and safety of yours and your clients’ operations. Based in NSW, we import and distribute an extensive range of GIS electric chain hoists, GH wire rope hoists, overhead crane systems and crane kits, Palamatic vacuum lifters, GIS light crane solutions, Feltes portable gantry cranes, as well as hoist control systems, manipulators and spring balancers, with authorised distributors throughout NSW, ACT, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand.

To become an authorised Hasemer reseller and receive on-going product technical support and advice, as well quality materials handling and lifting equipment for your customers, click here to “Become a Reseller.”

In addition to importing lifting equipment, Hasemer Materials Handling also designs, and manufactures lifting equipment for specific customer requirements. We also provide regular servicing of entertainment hoists.

We hold an extensive range of spare parts for all the products we supply.

Hasemer Material Handling’s range of solutions include:

Electric Chain Hoists

Hasemer Materials Handling is the exclusive Australian distributor of GIS electric chain hoists and KB light crane systems. GIS is a renowned Swiss manufacturer of high quality electric chain hoists and Hasemer are one of GIS’ oldest distributors in the world. We have an extensive knowledge of both current and previous GIS hoist models, as well as a large stock of current and previous model GIS chain hoist parts. This means when you need a part, we can quickly and cost effectively assist you. Ca

Light Crane Systems

Hasemer Materials Handling is proud to sell GIS KB crane systems, which are the perfect complement to GIS electric chain hoists. KB crane systems comprise a lightweight modular construction, which support loads up to 1,600kg. KB crane systems are flexible solutions that can grow, change and move as your business or your customers’ businesses grow. They offer the ultimate in flexibility when your clients’ business is growing or changing.

Wire Rope Hoists

Hasemer Materials Handling sells GH wire rope hoists and crane kits throughout our Australian distributor network. GH Cranes have been manufacturing wire rope hoists and crane kits in Spain since 1956 and their cranes are installed in over 50 countries with capacities from 5 tonne up to 300 tonne. Hasemer has been a proud partner with GH for more than 5 years and GH wire rope hoists are now found in many large production and mining facilities throughout Australia where quality and reliable heavy

Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Hasemer Materials Handling offer gentle lifting with GIS and Palamatic vacuum lifting equipment for all types of surfaces and a huge variety of products. These lifters can be used with jib cranes and monorails and offer full tilting and rotating solutions, for capacities up to 1 tonne.

Feltes Portable Gantry Cranes

Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble due to their light aluminium weight, Feltes portable gantry cranes are easy and safe to use, as one person can assemble and disassemble quickly and easily. We offer Static, Folding and Moveable Feltes models. Feltes portable gantry cranes can lift loads up to 3,000 kg (with aluminium beams from 2-5m) and up to 1,000kg (with aluminium beams of 6m, 7m & 8m).

GEDA – Construction Hoists

The GEDA range of construction hoists suit almost every use on a building site. From compact wire rope hoists for scaffolders and light trades to personnel and material hoists with load capacities up to 3.7 tonnes and lifting heights up to 400 metres, the GEDA range will move all your materials and people safely, reliably and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Chain Hoists, Wire Ripe Hoists, Vacuum Lifters, Portable Gantry Cranes, Workstation Cranes, Jib Cranes, Entertainment Control Systems, Manipulators, Spring Balancers, Crane Electrical Systems, Crane Kits, Manual Trolleys, Electric Trolleys, as well as Design and Engineering. We can also assist in keeping your crane and hoist systems in excellent operational order with quality original equipment manufacturers’ spare parts. Hasemer Materials Handling is also able to provide Third Party Inspections, in accordance with Australian Standards AS 2550.1-2011. Under this Standard, clause 7.3.4 states, “each crane shall undergo a periodic third party inspection to provide independent advice on whether the level of maintenance and repairs are in accordance with this Standard.” The independent feedback we provide analyses and reports on your crane’s current condition, maintenance adequacy and utilisation levels. Hasemer does not offer a “one size fits all” approach. Hasemer Third Party Inspections are tailored to your specific requirements and may include:

  • Detailed condition assessment and functional testing of yours or your client’s cranes and hoists
  • Review of inspection, maintenance and repair records for yours or your client’s cranes and hoists
  • Design Working Period (DWP) Analysis
  • Review of condition assessment and functional testing
  • Assessment of requirements for any future major inspection
  • Detailed Third Party Inspection report.

The strength, capability and insulation of the motor will directly impact the hoist’s ability to lift loads near to its WLL, the length of operating time and the working life of the hoist. There are two key aspects to this question:

  • The time rating of the motor – the period that it can operate at full load torque continuously without overheating. The GIS Electric Chain Hoist has duty ratings up to 60% for rated loads; and
  • The motor insulation – the highest temperature the material can withstand continuously without degrading or reducing motor life. The GIS Electric Chain Hoist has a motor insulation rating of Class F enabling it to operate at a maximum temperature of 155° C to yield an average life of 20,000 hours. Motors with class B ratings motors can only operate to a maximum of 130° C (and Class E – 120° C) to achieve the same life.

This measures the electric chain hoists’ ability to activate and deactivate its brake without causing excess wear on the chain hoist. An industry wide measure is the number of starts per hour. GIS Electric Chain Hoists have the best rating at up to 360 starts per hour. Some hoists can operate only up to a maximum of 180 starts per hour. These hoists are often less robust that the GIS chain hoist.

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