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Pushing Power For The Panama Canal

The cranes will be used to build the bridges linking the old and new canals.

GH, through its subsidiary GRUASGH MEXICO, will be taking part in the construction of one of the most complex, important infrastructures ever built byman: the PANAMA CANAL.

The cranes installed at the works will beused to build the bridges linking the two canals, which are due to open for use inthe near future.

These cranes enhance our contribution to major works in progress at strategic locations around the world, and in this case they provide the pushing power for building the Panama Canal.

The two cranes were sold to VINCI CONSTRUCTION GRANDS PROJECTS, the firm contracted to build the Atlantic Bridge over the Panama Canal. This is a cable-stayed bridge 4.6 kilometres inlength on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal, in the city of Colón. The structure will cross the canal at a height of 75 metres, and a fourth set of locks may also be built, with a life span of 100 years.

The project also includes the design of several access roads on each side of the canal, together with other bridges that may be required as part of these roads.

The metal structures for the columns and other structures making up the bridge will be assembled in this building, as can be seen in the photograph.

The work on the canal is a continuation of GH’s already major presence in this Central American country, as our cranes are also being used to construct the Panama metro, another important project for the country’s modernisation. All these projects are coordinated and managed by our Mexican subsidiary.