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The cranes will be used to build the bridges linking the old and new canals. GH, through its subsidiary GRUAS GH MEXICO, will be taking part in the construction of one of the m...

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Hasemer TeamHasemer Materials Handling provides overhead lifting solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Based in NSW, we import and distribute a range of electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists and crane kits, vacuum lifters overhead crane systems, portable gantry cranes, hoist control system, manipulators and spring balancers throughout Australia and New Zealand with authorised distributors in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and New Zealand.

Hasemer Materials Handling was established in Sydney in 1965. We have over 45 years experience in providing lifting and moving solutions – from simple and effective electric chain hoist, portable gantry cranes and vacuum lifting equipment, to an extensive range of manipulators, light crane systems and overhead cranes.

In addition to importing lifting equipment, Hasemer Materials Handling also designs, manufactures and services lifting equipment. We also hold an extensive range of spare parts for the products we supply.

Hasemer Material Handling’s range of solutions include:

Lifting technology

GIS electric chain hoists

  • Applicable for a wide range of industry solutions
  • Low cost through minimal wear, strong construction and easy maintenance
  • Wide range of chain hoists capabilities with load capacities from 100 kg to 5,000 kg, various speeds and height of lifts to 120 metres
  • Special chain hoist ranges for low headroom situations, corrosion resistant requirements, work station models, synchronised lifting and explosion-proofed

GH wire rope hoistsGH wire rope hoists and crane kits

Hasemer is an Australian distributor of GH wire rope hoists and crane kits. GH Cranes have been manufacturing wire rope hoists and crane kits in Spain since 1956 and their cranes are installed in over 50 countries with capacities from 5 tonne up to 300 tonne. Both standard and low headroom versions are available. Hasemer can supply both hoists and trolleys, as well as complete crane kits. Call Hasemer today for more information about your overhead or gantry crane requirements, be it for a one off GH wire rope hoist or a complete crane kit.

GIS entertainment chain hoists

  • Operate motor up or motor down either directly or through an external controller
  • Loads up to 2,000 kg
  • Quiet operation enables usage during performances
  • Fulfils requirements of VPLT standards for entertainment chain hoists

Crane technology

GIS KB crane system

  • A perfect complement to the GIS electric chain hoists
  • Lightweight modular construction supporting up to 1,600kg
  • Flexible solutions that can grow, change and move as your business does
  • Single and double bridge cranes able to provide complete coverage for lifting and transporting loads
  • Monorails with bends and switches to fit your production flow

GIS Travelling Cranes

  • Designed for loads up to 5,000 kg
  • Especially suitable for larger spans

GIS Jib Cranes and Wall Cranes

  • Used when ceilings have insufficient load bearing capacity
  • Loads up to 1,000 kg with slewing arcs of up to 270°

GIS Trolleys

  • Push and electric trolleys
  • Fit GISKB monorails, jib cranes, overhead and bridge cranes
  • Cost efficient solutions for chain hoist trolleys for I-Beams

Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Gentle lifting with GIS and Palamatic vacuum equipment

  • For all types of surfaces and a huge variety of products
  • Can be combined with electric chain hoists
  • Full tilting and rotating solutions
  • Capacities up to 1 tonne
  • Extensive range of solutions available with Hasemer Materials Handling

Feltes Portable Gantry Cranes

Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble

  • Safe to use
  • I person can assemble and disassemble quickly and easily
  • Static, Folding and Moveable models available and in stock
  • Can lift loads up to 3,000 kg (with aluminium beams from 2-5m) and up to 1,000kg (with aluminium beans of 6m)
  • Beam lengths of 7 and 8m can lift 750kg with the Static and Folding models, and up to 500kg with the Moveable model